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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

"25 percent of all communication between customer to business is expected to be online by 2002" - Gartner Research.

Customer Relationship Management encompasses the entire customer support system and handling each query or service or support required to existing customers. In the New Economy, customer retaining has become mission-critical and every request made by the customer is recorded to get the best market analysis and product life cycle.

"62 percent of Internet consumers say that they would purchase more products via the Web if live online customer service were available" - Andersen Consulting.

A typical customer request for support is shown in following diagram.

CRM Modules:
  • Customer Support
  • Customer eServices
  • Marketing Analysis
CRM Benefits:
  • Improve customer profitability.
  • Leverage customer information.
  • Enhanced customer retention.
  • Better anticipate the need of customer.
  • Organize the vast array of customer data.
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