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Business to Business (B2B)

Business to Business has following two model of Implementation :
  • Generic B2B model.
  • Dedicated B2B model.
Generic B2B model.
Generic model of B2B is best suitable for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).A common third party emarket place is used to connect enterprise's remote locations where enterprise manages orders and stocks online.

Dedicated B2B model.
Dedicated model of B2B is adopted by Large Enterprises .A enterprise self-owned network is used connect remote locations where it manages orders,stocks and invoicing online in real-time. Moreover, Dedicated B2B structure is equivalent to Supply Chain Management (SCM).

B2B e-commerce constitutes followings:

E-Procurement Supplier selection and management, Ordering, Compliance management and Logistics
E-Channel Management Virtualized product distribution, Integrated inventory management, Performance management
E-Enterprise Enterprise Resource planning, Intranet, Workflow, Application Sales Force Automation
E-Sales Electronic Catalog, pricing and availability Online product configuration and ordering, Online order status
E-Marketing Marketing communications, Literature, Personalization, Relationship building
E-Support Self help information, diagnostic and support tool, Help desk, Web based education
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