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Business to Customer (B2C)

Business to Customer has following two model of Implementation :
  • Generic B2C model.
  • Dedicated B2C model.
Generic B2C model.
Generic model of B2C is best suitable for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).A common third party emarket place is used to cater online customers which enables to sell enterprise's products online.

Dedicated B2C model.
Dedicated model of B2C is adopted by Large Enterprises .A enterprise self-owned emarket place to sell, service and support to its customers online. Moreover, Dedicated B2C structure is almost equivalent to Customer Relationship Management(CRM).

B2C e-commerce constitutes followings:

Commerce Catalog, Compare, Products/Services, Promotions, Ads Order Placement, Order Status
On-line Payment Enable.
Personalization User Profile Mgmt (active profiling)
Communities of interest
Match web content to specific profiles
Customer Feedback and Surveys
Events, Calendaring, Registration etc.
Community Services Chat, Message Boards, E-mail Services
Subscription, News/Newsletters
Customer Services Product Registration
Web Based Support/Knowledge Search/Diagnostics
Online Support (Call Centers, Telephony Integration)
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