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Internet Solutions
"For us, Internet is state of mind"

The internet is going to be the necessity of every individual and organization around the world like electricity. No matter in whatever form it may be. Internet is accessible through computers, cell phones, Interactive Televisions, Pagers, PDAs, ebooks and notebooks and it will be accessible from anywhere, anytime and from anydevice.

Instance Messaging
Instance messaging is going to integrate itself into every organization, virtual class-rooms, individual's internet discussions, online help-desks and assistance processes.
Peer to Peer Networking
The peer to peer networking has emerged as new internet era to connect any two individuals by using internet infrastructure so that they can share there information resources and go through virtual internet meeting.
E-Mail Solution
"98% percent of all internet users use for e-mail service". Hence, becoming the most important application of internet. and We provide customizable web interface to access POP3 accounts on internet.
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