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Networking Solutions

As part of our total solution approach, we can implement and support a local area computer network (LAN) or Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) of your company when we setup your Intranet/Extranet.
Our expertise includes recommending appropriate technologies, based on your requirements, in following areas :
  • Server Hardware and Software.
  • Workstation Hardware and Software.
  • Integration with Existing Equipments.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Cabling and Topology.
  • Integration with the Internet.

Intranet is an internal company network of computers based on the Internet technology for streamlining communications among the employees.

A well-planned and well-managed Intranet can provide dramatic and immediate benefits to a company, such as faster internal working, increased employee satisfaction, reduced administrative costs, etc. Some common uses of Intranet are e-mailing, net-meetings, internet access sharing, internal website which may have human resource policies, sales & marketing programs, financials of the company, etc.

Extranet or a business to business website provides a connection between your Intranet and outside entities like your customers, vendors, and other business associates to streamline communications among this group.

The security of the system becomes a major concern when a diverse group is involved; firewalls are used to insure overall system security. As with the Intranet, extranet provides similar benefits at inter-company level by improving inter-company information flows. Many a times these extranet solutions are business to business e-commerce solutions whereby authorized customers, vendors, etc. can perform business transactions quickly and easily over the web.

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