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Intelligent Office Solutions

According to Forrester Research, growing traffic on corporate Intranets will draw the attention of big e-Commerce players. Just as companies offer employees on-site child-care or dry-cleaning drop-off, they will see Intranet e-Commerce as a lifestyle - enhancing perk. Intranet marketplaces will blossom as retailers gain a new audience, companies give employees new benefits, and workers save money through corporate discounts.

Hence, We implement intelligent solutions for enterprises, institutions and organizations and which help them, to work in a collaborative environment and increasing productivity and efficiency.

Internet Connection Management
We manage internet connection of organization to get best utility and availability of internet connection in through-out organization's LAN and also let them to monitor and control the access of internet.

E-Mailing Solution
We implement low cost and affordable e-mailing solutions for organizations which can be managed according to the organizational requirements.

Instance Messaging
To work in virtual collaborative environment, instance messaging is very important and it can be custom developed application or general internet instance messaging as required by organization.

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